Construction Factoring – Does it work for you?

Does your construction factoring agreement cost more than you expected?

Does it generate less cash than you expected?

Is it cumbersome to operate?

Poor service levels?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above we have helped businesses like yours set up facilities that are cheaper, easier to operate and generate more cash.

So how do Funding Solutions help?

We understand the cash pressures of paying wages weekly and the frustration with waiting for your larger customer to approve and settle your applications for payment.

We also understand the frustration of having an invoice finance facility where you cannot predict how much cash will be generated or how much it will actually cost.

There are a variety of lenders that can help construction contractors and it is fair to say that some are far better than others. There are lenders that will provide confidential invoice discounting facilities to construction contractors.

What can we improve?

•    Higher prepayments
•    Increased cash generation because there are less restrictions.
•    Reduced costs.
•    More transparent pricing structures.
•    Facilities that are easier to operate.

Our approach:

•    Our service is free
•    There is no ‘hard sell’
•    We explain what your options are in full. This means we explain what the total costs will be and what cash will be generated.
•    Our aim is to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision.