Privacy Policy


    Browse our collection of frequently asked questions below. If you’re still in the dark, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    You say it’s ‘FREE’ – there must be a catch?

    No, it’s free. We receive introduction fees from lenders in the same way any broker does, so there is no additional cost to you.

    Doesn’t that mean you’ll take me to the lender who pays the highest commission?

    No, we are totally independent and impartial, and for two good reasons.

    In the first place most of our business comes from referral – so by doing the best deal for you, and having you recommend us to your business associates, we’re doing the best deal for ourselves.

    Secondly we need happy lenders to work with by introducing happy borrowers who have made an informed decision.

    Does that mean I pay more for the finance?

    Not at all. Due to the volumes of business we introduce we can often access better rates. Also lenders like the way we work because we invest a lot of time with you before you ever get to talk to a lender. Lenders respect our expertise and judgement – we save time and money for everybody.

    Doesn’t my accountant provide this sort of advice?

    Accountants’ advice is always valuable and we work with all sorts of finance professionals in preparing finance agreements. Generally accountants understand that sourcing finance is our full-time job and that we are more up-to-date with the business finance market than they can be.

    Should I ask my bank manager before I talk to you?

    By all means talk to your bank – we talk to them all the time. Our only counsel would be that your bank manager is paid to sell the products of the organisation he works for. That doesn’t mean to say they’re the wrong products but, even if your bank has offered you finance, it is still worth a ‘sanity check’ to get a second opinion by speaking to us. It is important to remember that the same product from different lenders can be a very different proposition.

    Will you find the cheapest possible finance?

    This is a good question to which the answer is yes and no! Yes when ‘cheap’ is the right solution, no if other factors – such as maximising the loan value – come into play. We believe in tailor-making the solution to fit your situation. It is important to remember that headline rates can be misleading. We will explore all hidden costs and ensure you know exactly what you are entering into.

    Why won’t you give me a quote online?

    Without talking to you to get a full understanding of your business any quote would be no better than a ‘guess-timate’. We do not do business that way – over-promising and under-delivering wastes everybody’s time and money and does not fit with our market position or brand culture. As a business we give honest, independent and impartial advice based on correct information.

    Does Funding Solutions lend the money to my business?

    No. We are advisers who work with many funders ranging from the traditional high street banks to highly specialised independent lenders to secure you the finance that best suits your individual requirements.