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Free Business Cash Flow Solutions Guide

July 2016

An example of what is in the guide:

Existing Invoice Finance User Requiring More Cash

February 2016

As a business Funding Solutions helps clients borrow more money, better structured money or cheaper...

Cash Flow Solutions for a Construction Contractor

November 2015

At Funding Solutions, we understand the challenges that construction contractors face when trying to...

Invoice Finance Concentration Limit

September 2015

What is it, how does it impact on my business and how do you avoid it?

Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting with No Contract

September 2015

We can now offer clients the opportunity to finance invoices without having to be tied into lengthy...

Invoice Discounting in Northern Ireland

September 2015

Businesses in Northern Ireland can benefit from using invoice discounting to support their cash flow...

How to Deal with HMRC arrears

September 2015

We see a lot of businesses that have HMRC arrears and we are able to work with them in several ways....

Debt Factoring – Can it help your business?

September 2015

Debt factoring or invoice factoring can help many businesses however it is not suitable for everyone...

Factoring with No Minimum Fees

September 2015

Why do lenders charge minimum fees?

Invoice Factoring Costs

September 2015

Invoice factoring costs can be significant and the difference between the cheapest available facilit...

Confidential Invoice Discounting

September 2015

Confidential invoice discounting can be an excellent source of working capital for your business. At...

Confidential Factoring

September 2015

Confidential factoring can provide a flexible working capital solution to your business which is con...

Factoring Applications for Payment

September 2015

As a construction contractor you may want to look atfactoring applications for payment. While tradit...

Purchase Order Factoring

September 2015

Purchase Order Factoring

Export Factoring – How Can It Help Your Business?

September 2015

Export factoringis a very specific product. It is of course a type of export finance but it differs...