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    Free Cashflow Forecast Template

    At Funding Solutions we specialise in sourcing suitable cash flow solutions for businesses. Cash flow is incredibly important and it will determine whether or not you are able to make payments when they fall due.

    We offer a free cash flow forecast template which will help you and us understand your cash flow in more detail. It should show how your cash flow currently operates and also identify any issues that need resolving. It can also be used to demonstrate how any suggested finance facility might help your business.

    Timing is everything

    The cash flow forecast (and the actual cash flow of your business) relies heavily on the timing of payments both coming into the business and going out. Outflow such as wages and fuel payments are pretty much set in stone whereas as inflows which are typically the payment of invoices are far less predictable. The cash does not come in when the invoice is raised or on the due date according to your payment terms. The cash enters your business when your customer pays and when those funds have cleared and are available in the bank.

    How to use the free cash flow forecast template

    This should be used as a tool to monitor your cash flow and to predict any upcoming problems. It can be used in the following ways:

    • Monitor the cash flow of your business and identify problems before they occur so you can take action. If there is a cash flow problem call us on 0845 251 4040 to discuss your options.
    • Use the cash flow forecast to see how any finance facility will impact on your cash flow. Use it in conjunction with your profit and loss forecast to ensure that any cash flow solution does not wipe out your entire profits.
    • Again it should be used in conjunction with a profit and loss forecast to see how any planned growth will be financed and how this growth will impact on the bottom line. Growth is great but only if it results in increased profits.

    How can Funding Solutions help?

    Funding Solutions can help in the following ways:

    • Well in the first instance we provide a free template which will hopefully be of use.
    • We can visit you and help you prepare a cash flow forecast and teach you how to do it yourself going forward.
    • If you highlight cash flow problems we can explain what the available cash flow solutions are. We fully explain the potential benefits and costs associated with any suggested solution allowing you to make an informed decision.

    If you have a cash flow issue or feel that you would like to understand your cash flow in more detail contact the team at Funding Solutions today on 0845 251 4040 or finance@fundingsolutions.co.uk