Purchase Finance

What is Purchase Finance?

If your suppliers will not provide credit terms to your business, you can feel the cash flow pinch while the goods are in transit to you or your customers. This, coupled with the credit terms you offer your customers, can cause serious problems. Purchase finance allows suppliers to be paid directly and immediately.

Purchase finance is reliant on the creditworthiness of your business and does not require the goods to be pre-sold. This differs from Trade finance, which is typically reliant on your end customer providing a confirmed order; the offer of finance will then rest heavily on your customer’s creditworthiness.

Purchase Finance Benefits

  • Convenience – Get the goods when you need them to fulfil new orders
  • Better relationships – Avoid the need to ask for credit terms and negotiate better prices and contract terms with suppliers
  • Accessibility – Work with suppliers wherever they are in the world
  • Range – Funding can be made available for goods not passing through the UK, transported directly from overseas suppliers to overseas customers
  • Goods do not need to be pre-sold.

We can offer:

  • Finance facilities of up to £3 million for supplier payments
  • Payment of up to 100% of the purchase price
  • Funding is available with or without end customer purchase orders
  • Payment, on your behalf, for the cost of shipping, VAT and import duty so that goods clear customs in no time.


At Funding Solutions our recommendations are both unbiased and independent. We can discuss your options and identify how various types of facilities could help your company.

With our understanding of the business finance market, we can help you determine the most effective solution for your business needs.

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