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    Food Manufacturer and Wholesaler

    April 2013

    Location: London
    Facility: £100,000

    food-manufacturer-wholesalerOur client is a fairly well known manufacturer and wholesaler of popcorn. They we looking for a factoring facility to finance a large order from a major airline for their product.

    Our client had appeared on Dragons Den and had managed to secure investment from Peter Jones. This success had been continued in landing orders from a large upmarket supermarket chain and also a well-known airline.

    Despite the investment they had secured our client required a working capital facility and factoring was a good solution. We also have the option of a trade finance facility to help them import packaging should they so require in the future.

    Our choice of facility and lender took into account their rapid growth projections, the concentrated debts in the early days and their potential future requirement for trade finance to support imports. They also have the option to finance exports in the future if required. It is great to support a small growing business like this especially as they have such a high profile investor.